We most certainly do.
This week, we brought on a new client (yay!), and they tasked us with promoting their annual conference in October that has gone virtual. With all of our new clients, we do an on-boarding session where we establish 5-7 categories (or buckets) of content. Every piece of content we create for their social platforms can fit into one of these buckets. Creating these buckets in collaboration with the client helps for a few reasons: 
1. It requires both our client and us to be on the same page with the overall content strategy.
2. We can ensure that each bucket has enough content. For example, if one of the buckets is testimonials, and it is empty, we can quickly reach out to the client to help refill the bucket.
3. It makes it easy to keep the client involved. If they know that Friday’s bucket is local good news and they come across a feel-good story – they know it is content we’d love for them to send over.
4. It is truly a collaborative experience. In our meeting, I had the idea of doing Thank You Thursday and thanking individuals who have registered. The client thought it was a better idea to thank sponsors as they signed on as this would add value and encourage additional sponsors. Absolutely!!
5. It is visual. Together, we can quickly look at the buckets and see if there’s anything we’re missing. We also prioritize the buckets and add percentages. With this client, the promotion bucket was priority #1 and got 35% of the overall content.
So, as you can see, I am a huge fan of creating Buckets of Content for your digital marketing strategy. Each bucket gets filled with content that eventually gets deployed over social in the coming weeks.
A question I’m asked often about this is if our buckets change depending on the platform. Buckets don’t necessarily change, but the way we publish the content changes, depending on the platform. For example, the same testimonial will look much different on Facebook than it will on Instagram. Facebook may have a link included in the description, while Instagram may have 7-10 hashtags instead.
No content categories, strategy, or buckets is a recipe for miscommunication, inconsistency, and mistakes.
We can help you with the development and/or the deployment of these buckets of digital content. EMAIL me, and we can schedule a time to chat.
Make it a great rest of the week!