I’m often asked why I talk about certain social media sites and not others. The answer is simple: I talk about the sites where our clients have seen results—and I ignore the rest.
Over the past decade, we’ve seen more appointments made, phones ringing, and cash registers ca-ching on LinkedIn than any other platform. It’s not for all businesses, but for most of us, LinkedIn is flooded with opportunities and possibilities—and yet we allow our profiles to collect dust. We neglect our network. And we leave inbox messages unread!
Shoutout to Tom Mangan for finding this gem!
I know what you’re thinking, “But Corey, it’s so spammy now!” And yes, that’s true. But beyond sales-y sales Steve and auto-response Anna, there are a plethora of quality prospects waiting to hear from you. You just have to look for them—and make it easy for them to look for you.
Here are seven quick things you can do to see better results from the business social network:
  1. Let LinkedIn know who you know. If you’re not actively connecting to customers and prospects, LinkedIn can’t do its job. Spend each of the next four weeks expanding your network by 16 people. Make sure you know them and can work with each other in some capacity. At the end of the month, you’ll have 64 new connections, and you’ll be off and running.
  2. Update your professional summary. Make it less of a bio and more of a benefit-rich summary of how you serve others—less about you, more about them.
  3. Request three new quality recommendations. These should be from recent clients who absolutely loved working with you—they will sing your praises as no one else can. You can repurpose these beyond LinkedIn, but they will be there each time someone visits your profile. Bonus: Remove three old recommendations that are either out of date or not as quality.
  4. Engage with O.P.P. (Other People’s Posts). Spend 15-minutes a day interacting with your network’s content. Give them a like, post a comment, or share a valuable tip of theirs to your feed. By engaging in their content, you are supporting them and reminding them how amazing you are at the same time. It’s a win/win!
  5. Follow company pages. Whether they are clients or prospects, company pages often give great insights for smart salespeople. Job openings, promotions, and other key company updates are often shared on these pages. You can use this information to get your foot in the door or create new revenue streams with key clients.
  6. Create compelling content. Just like on Facebook and Instagram, we need to be posting high-value content to our LinkedIn feed weekly. And just like FB and IG, video is king! So mix in an occasional video post with your other compelling content. Remember, each time you publish a post, you jump back on the radar of potential prospects.
  7. Look for 2nd connections. If you’re using LinkedIn as a prospecting tool, a 2 can look an awful lot like a $ sign. If you find a quality prospect who is a 2nd connection, that means you both have a mutual connection. Explore that connection and see if the mutual ‘friend’ can introduce you. This has worked brilliantly for so many of our clients over the years as the mutual connection warms up the lead with a friendly email or phone call. It’s no coincidence why this is, by far, my favorite feature on any social platform.
Stay consistent with the above action items, and I feel confident that you’ll see better results with your LinkedIn marketing.
Have a great week!
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