Last week was one of the busiest and wildest week’s of my life. It spanned four cities, three keynote presentations, and two amusement parks!
The week began in Orlando for the National Speakers Association Winter conference and it was jam packed with wisdom and powerful takeaways. One presenter that stood out for me was Richard Bliss and his research on LinkedIn posting that sparks conversation and, thus, delivers better engagement results. I found his presentation thought-provoking and contrary to what some of the other social sites seem to favor.
Here are three takeaways that I plan to put to the test for myself and for our clients:
1. Using text for context. I’m a firm believer that video is a key strategy for every major social media platform. But Bliss’s point is that video alone doesn’t spark conversation. And conversation is the main metric LinkedIn values in determining if a post is worth sharing to more people. So he suggests crafting content before the video to explain your perspective and summarize some of the key takeaways. Text also gives you the chance ask questions that might encourage additional comments.
2. Continue the conversation. If you do a good job of sparking some dialogue on your LinkedIn post, get back in there and reply to those comments. This can foster a true conversation between you and your LinkedIn connections…and this is exactly what LinkedIn is looking for.
3. Comment on O.P.P. If you’ve been in one of my audiences recently, you know that O.P.P. in my world stands for Other People’s Posts. Richard believes that the best thing we can do for our own engagement is to engage with others. He suggests commenting on a minimum of three posts per day on other people’s posts. So the goal is to create conversation on our own page AND engage in conversation on other pages.
There you have it – just some of the wisdom that I learned at one of the best NSA programs I’ve been a part of in a long time.
Head over to this post on my LinkedIn to find two more tips from Richard in the comments. And while you’re there, let me know your thoughts!
Have a great week,