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Today is the day to give back . . . and share on social!

Today is the day to give back . . . and share on social! Today is #GivingTuesday and a perfect time to introduce you to Principle #12 of my new book, Authentically Social. Please enjoy the following excerpt from the book—I look forward to sharing it with you when it launches on January 9th!  Principle #12: Doing

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New Series Alert: ‘Authentically Social Spotlight’

New Series Alert: ‘Authentically Social Spotlight’  I’m a firm believer that the more authentic you are on social media, the better results you will see. My hope is that the stories I share with you over the next few months will make a believer out of you, too. These stories will include principles from my

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3️⃣ Strategies to Connect & Engage on LinkedIn

3️⃣ Strategies to Connect & Engage on LinkedIn LinkedIn is the social media site where business gets done. Finding more ways to connect and engage with the right people is how to get more out of the B2B platform.  Here’s a 3-step process to expand your network and create new mutually-beneficial relationships. Comment, Repost, and

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From Dance Floors to News Feeds 🪩

From Dance Floors to News Feeds 🪩 Getting people to comment and engage on your LinkedIn posts can be extremely challenging. I often share the ‘wedding’ analogy with our clients when it comes to motivating people to comment. When it’s time to get dancers on the dance floor, the bride and groom are typically first,

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Becoming Authentically Social

Becoming Authentically Social I am in the home stretch of finishing my latest book, Authentically Social. I’m really excited to get it in your hands and thought I’d share a few key insights with you now.   Let’s dive in ⤵️ 01. Craft Your Digital Story  The heart of effective digital marketing lies in creating captivating content. To get

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In a world cluttered with curated content and polished posts, Authentically Social is your ticket to breaking free from the facade and building a real connection with your digital audience.