Are you sure you’re good?

Are you sure you’re good? When was the last time you did a Digital Marketing Audit, my friend? Yikes, nobody wants to hear the word audit! In fact, people get mighty nervous when I say it out loud. The simple truth is, if you are not taking the time to audit ALL your digital marketing

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Should you be on Threads?

Should you be on Threads? So the question on everyone’s mind the last week or so has been, “Should I be using threads or not??” Threads is the latest competitor to Twitter, owned by Meta, with strong backing and resources from the company.  Watch the video below for my 2 cents: Key Takeaways: Gen Z

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What Would Your TEDX Talk Be About?

What would your TEDx Talk be about? I hope you’ll indulge me for a minute to share a passion project I’ve been working on for some time. Over the last ten years, I’ve facilitated the Nurturing Father’s Program at the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary. As you can imagine, It’s been a story I’ve been wanting to

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AI Can’t Help with Video…Can it?!?!

You bet it can!  I recently spoke for the Automotive Training Institute (ATI) and delivered a 1-hour Social Media Masterclass for them. I received the video recording of the talk and then sent it to my friend, Clint Hawkins, to review. Clint then took the video and asked ChatGPT 4 to watch the video and create a summary.

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Monitoring Your Digital Footprint

Over the last few weeks, we’ve focused on online reputation management. I shared some ideas on how to respond to negative reviews if they should come your way and how to proactively ask for positive reviews from happy clients.  In today’s video, I share a real-world example from a situation that happened to one of

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