Your Title Tag.

Still the most important sentence you’ll ever create on the web.

I’ve been speaking on the topic of Internet Marketing for over ten years. Most of what I spoke on back then has changed so much that it wouldn’t be relevant in today’s digital world. But the exception is Title Tags. They are still critical in how you rank on search engines and whether or not people visit your website.

Creating good Title Tags can change your search engine rankings for the better, as these few small words are a big part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Including your company’s name and what it does is crucial to your search engine traffic.  People who know your company can search you by name, but including some descriptive terms can bring those in who are looking for your specific products or services.

In this quick 90-second video, I share exactly what a Title Tag is and why it’s so important.

Corey Perlman - The Most Important Sentence You'll Ever Create on the Web
Corey Perlman – The Most Important Sentence You’ll Ever Create on the Web
Your Title Tag is the most important sentence a business will ever create online because it is the first thing your searchers will see.  When you rank in Google or any other search engines, your Title Tag represents the blue link that your audience will click on.  Most people decide in an instant if they want to visit your site or not, and the Title Tag usually lures them in or sends them away.
And here are a few guidelines to creating a great Title Tag:

1. Keep it under 50 characters (including spaces).
2. In 6-8 words, it should describe who you are and what you do.
3. Try and use words that searchers would type in Google to find a business like yours. So a Chiropractor in Denver, CO should have the words ‘Chiropractor’ and ‘Denver’ in their Title Tag.

Once you’ve created your new Title Tags for your homepage and other pages, send those to your web designer to be added to your site.

Does your business have a strong Title Tag?