• Tell people ahead of time that you’re going live.
  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection.
  • Write a compelling title and description for the Live segment.
  • Create long-standing engagement with customers by offering high-value
    content via LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and email.
  • If using your phone, turn the phone horizontal BEFORE going live.
  • Try not to hold the device. The optimal device is a laptop or desktop.
  • Mention commenters by name.
  • Have a bulleted outline of topics you’d like to cover.
  • Allow the segment to go for at least 10 minutes to help Facebook create
    an audience for you.
  • Look at the camera as often as you can.
  • Stay relaxed. It’s okay to make mistakes, just have fun and deliver value.
  • If possible, have someone with you to monitor the comments and let you
    know when there are questions.
  • Make sure to click the publish button.
  • Make sure the video is set to public and not just to your personal connections.
  • Syndicate to other social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.