A topic my team and I discuss quite a bit is how are we utilizing Facebook Business Pages now that Facebook has changed the rules? It’s important to adapt our strategy, or get left behind.
Facebook no longer allows us to organically, effectively connect with our audience without spending ad budget. In my latest LinkedIn Live video, I am joined by Jodi Alcock, our VP of Client Relations and our resident expert on digital advertising. We discuss what you can do from both an organic and advertising standpoint to use your Facebook Page in the most effective way.
Are there ways to use your personal profile more? It obviously depends on the industry, but if it makes sense for your business, double down on messaging coming from your personal page to promote your business in order to reach a wider audience.
Use your company to help you push the boulder up the hill in terms of sharing compelling content for your business page. Whether your team is 5 people or 500, get them actively engaging to help spread the message of your company on social media by sharing your posts, commenting on them, liking posts, etc.
At this point, though, If you’re using Facebook to market your business, you have to have an ad budget. So what is the right amount of money to spend on a Facebook ad budget? To really see results, we recommend to start with a minimum $200 budget.
If you don’t have that, don’t worry – we would suggest focusing on Boosted posts, which is promoting organic content that you’re putting out on your Facebook page with a smaller sum like $20 or $50, rather than creating a full ad campaign. Boosting posts just takes a simple click of a button, so it’s a great place to start! It’s a very good way to build your brand by boosting events or sharing value-add content.
If you are able to have a larger ad budget, there are quite a few different categories where you can utilize those dollars for Facebook advertising. Figure out what you’re trying to achieve with your advertising and which of the following would be the best fit:
  • Lead generating ads- capture your audience’s details right there in Facebook by having them sign up for your newsletter, or register for a free workshop.
  • Increase website traffic- this is a good option if you have important content on your website like a blog or article. It allows you to drive a lot of traffic to your website for a little bit of money.
  • Facebook page likes- you can target a demographic you’re interested in reaching, telling them why it’s important that they follow your business’ page.
  • Engagement- the sole objective of this type of ad is to get people to engage – to either click a link or like your post. If they engage, you’re then able to invite them to like your page. This is a cheaper option than an ad for Page likes.
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