There are many social media platforms where you can engage with customers and advertise your business.  These may look unique, perform differently, and have various interfaces, but one thing should always remain the same – a consistent brand.
No matter the size of your company, it’s important that you maintain consistent branding across all digital channels. Using different names and URL’s on social media profiles is not going to be helpful for your business, and won’t create a cohesive brand experience.  Read on for some ideas that will help to keep your brand engaged, proactive, and most of all – consistent.
  • Use What’s Available: Advertise and engage with customers across multiple social media channels. Find out where your customers and prospects are spending time online and connect with them there. Don’t just limit yourself to the social media sites you’re comfortable with; instead stay open to establishing a presence on new sites that are capturing your prospect’s and customer’s attention.
  • Image: Utilize the same picture and business name for each platform.  Your customers will become familiar with this, and your brand will be far easier to recognize in a crowd.
  • Claim It: As soon as you decide to use social media for your business, go out and reserve the sites ASAP!  For example, if your business is Horizon Veterinary, you’ll likely want the Twitter handle @HorizonVet.  Make sure to secure this name as your own – they can go fast!
  • Style: Be sure to be consistent in your posting style and wording.  Readers become familiar with certain posts and voices; it’s important to keep these consistent across all channels.
  • Employees On Board: Ensure that all staff members are on board with the consistent branding.  If they’re going to be active on your social media sites, train them to utilize the company’s social media sites to truly capture your brand and image.  Decide how you want your company to appear on social media sites, and make sure they keep up with the consistent messaging.

Consistency builds trust, and does wonders to build your brand.  When customers can recognize you, your voice, and your image, they’re more likely to be repeat customers.  Stay consistent!

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