If you’re wondering how to leverage your social media presence to bring in sales and experience growth, this is for you!

As you’ve learned, social media is an excellent tool to connect to your customers and prospects, but it’s also a great vehicle for selling!

This week, we’ll be taking a look at the eBoot Camp Social Media Sales Funnel – a powerful tool with even more powerful steps used to make sales and maintain customer relationships.  Check it out below!


This week’s video is all about the third tier on our Sales Funnel – “Staying Top of Mind.” Listen along as I tell a personal story about life insurance, and how one of my contacts stayed on my radar as I went from “research mode” to “buy mode.”

The moral of the story?  Stay connected and keep updating your social media pages, even if your connections don’t buy right away.  You never know who will see your messages at just the right time – and who will buy from you!


Make it Text!

The top of the Sales Funnel is “Generate Leads,” which includes advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

A good starting point with your website is to make sure that the most important content on your website (business name, address, phone number, what your business does) is text.  All too often, websites feature their content as images instead of text, and search engines cannot pick up your content this way! This is bad news for your rankings on Google and other search engines.

Hint: If you can highlight the words on your website, you’re good to go! That’s text.  If you can’t – or you can right click and save the text – it’s an image.  Change your website around a bit until the most crucial information is text, and you will slowly rank higher on search engines.


Be Yourself!

Another important part of the funnel is to “Strengthen Relationships.”

I know from personal experience that people want to do business with others they know and trust.  It’s a nice touch to become friends or connections with your best customers on Facebook and/or LinkedIn.

Action: Add your top clients on Facebook and LinkedIn, not just to sell, but to establish rapport and give them a glimpse of the real you.  People like to connect to people, not just businesses.

I’ve had numerous clients tell me that they want to do business with me just based on the personal things I share on Facebook.  Don’t underestimate the power of personal connection!

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