“People are more motivated to review a person/business when they’re unhappy than when they’re happy. We must be proactive in requesting reviews from champion customers.” -Corey Perlman

My friend, Tricia Molloy, shares some helpful places to use a positive review or testimonial when you get them.

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Tricia’s favorite places to share client recommendations:

Written recommendations from clients and referral sources are powerful third-party endorsements that can open doors and close deals. They’re like word-of-mouth advertising on steroids.

It helps that the people quoted represent your ideal prospects and that the testimonials touch on your key messages and your prospects’ typical concerns. For example, that you are competitively priced, pay special attention to detail, or are easy to work with.
If you receive a recommendation from a client or referral source, here are some ways to promote it:

– On your website, both on the testimonial page and also a few on other related pages. Add a headshot or company logo to increase credibility and make it stand out. Hot link the company name to their website. If you offer multiple products or services, consider arranging the testimonials according to category.

– On your LinkedIn Profile page, when they submit it at your request. You can also feature a few recommendations in your Summary.

– In your newsletter as part of an article or as a separate section.

– In your blogs to illustrate a point.

– On your Facebook page and as a LinkedIn update, with a link back to that person or company.

– On Twitter, you can tweet a segment of your quote, with a link back to your website’s testimonial page.

– In your proposals and contracts to assure your prospects that they are making the right decision to work with you.

While most delighted clients will promise to send you written recommendations, most never get around to it. If they do, it’s often not as compelling or focused as you’d like. That’s why I’m pleased to recommend Tricia Molloy to you. She’s a speaking colleague and marketing consultant who specializes in writing testimonials. You send her your list of clients and referral sources who have agreed to be interviewed and quoted in your marketing. She conducts brief phone interviews with them, crafts the quotes for your approval, and then gets their approval. You can find out more at www.testimonialwritingservice.com.