Just this past week, I met with our team of Social Media Managers and we brainstormed ideas on how to create a stronger presence on Instagram. One of the ideas we came up with was to capture short customer testimonial videos and upload them to Instagram.

Videos on Instagram can only be 3-15 seconds in length, so our goal is to make these videos fast and fun – we’ll share a few of them here when we launch in January.

Today, Instagram announced they hit 300 million users to surpass Twitter. If you haven’t already, I think it’s time to take Instagram seriously and find ways to build a community there if it makes sense.

The holidays might be a great time to download the Instagram app and just become a user. Play with it, create your profile, upload some photos and videos. You’ll start to understand how the community works and that will help you see if there might be an application for your business.

Check out this article from TechCrunch, which explains why Instagram is not just a fad, along with an in-depth look at its recent growth and impact.