I’m back from a crazy few months of travel – Chicago, NY, LA, Ohio, Virginia, oh my!
The bad news from a busy travel cycle is my lack of communication to you! The good news is I’m giving you a copy of my slide deck from my latest keynote: 7 Social Media Best Practices. My gift to you for being MIA in May.
You’ll notice I’ve taken out many of the images to keep the file size manageable, but you’ll still get the main points of each best practice. These are tips you can implement right away and get a boost in your marketing.
My gift to you – enjoy!
Also, I’m excited to announce that I just went live with my new podcast: Business Over Bourbon. I interview experts who have a business passion as well as a favorite bourbon. So far, it’s been a blast and I’ve learned a ton.
And I’m downright giddy about my first guest. He’s the Managing Editor of – a young guy who really has his finger on the pulse of technology. There’s a whole segment on using SnapChat for biz that I found fascinating.