With algorithms playing a bigger and bigger role in how content is disseminated across social media, engagement and interaction is also becomes incredibly important. The more engagement sparked by your posts, the more the algorithms will see your content as relevant and valuable, and therefore your posts will be shared more widely.
So if you want to ‘beat’ the algorithms, the best way to do so is by sparking engagement.
Easier said than done, of course, but a key part of the process is understanding
  • who’s sharing content on each platform
  • what motivates them to share
  • which content types users respond to best

By far, the most content is shared on Facebook, but don’t count out other platforms like Twitter and Linkedin!
The most “shareable” types content of content include:
  • lists
  • infographics
  • how-to articles
  • video
  Let’s take a look at just how much video sharing has grown and how important it can be for you to use video to stay in front of your audience
How are you staying in front of your customers and sparking engagement?