As professionals, we wear many hats. It’s important to know what to own and what to let go of when it comes to your social media marketing.
In my last LinkedIn Live video, I share how we divvy up responsibilities.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get on stage is “What should I, as the business owner or executive or salesperson, focus on…and what should I farm out?”

First of all, ask yourself: Do you have the time to get it all done – create compelling content, use it in small chunks for your posts, engage on your social media platforms, etc?
Here is how our team does it:
I focus on creating one meaty, valuable piece of content per week. That is easier for me to do than create smaller pieces of content on a daily basis. I set aside two hours to write a blog article, or create a script and shoot a video. Figure out what is most comfortable for you (writing, on-camera, audio).
Then I hand it off to my team and they get to work. They take the content and they create snackable pieces that we use as our social media posts for the rest of the week. We anchor our social media posts back to our long-form piece of content.
So, find a way to get it all done. That could mean doing on your own. It could also look like hiring an agency (like Impact Social Media), finding team members or friends or family that can do it, or looking into services like
Another thing that YOU should keep in mind: OPP- Other People’s Posts.
Be strategic in carving out time to engage with other people’s posts – like and share their content! They will be more likely then to engage with yours. Also, set aside time to network on Linkedin. Use your connections to make new connections.
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