An Informed Prospect Makes for a More Motivated Buyer

The other day I spoke with one of our periodontal clients, and he made a comment that really resonated with me. He said that the more informed his prospective patients are before the consultation, the more likely they are to proceed with the dental surgery. He compared it to buying a car—and the amount of effort people put into [...]

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Social Media Strategies to Serve Your Customers and Community

I recently had the opportunity to speak with CBT News about how to offer value to your customers and support local communities using social media in the age of Coronavirus. Here are some tips from our interview: Q: What is your recommendation when it comes to using social media to sell during a pandemic? A: Every week [...]

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Freemium vs. Premium

A question we've been getting a lot from our clients over the last few weeks (and looking ahead a few weeks) is what kind of communication should we be putting out to clients, prospects, just in general to our community? The answer is:   Freemium: offering high value content that is completely free. By doing this, you can [...]

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5 Ageless Sales Strategies that Work Better Because of Social Media

On my latest LinkedIn Live video, I talked about some powerful sales strategies that I've learned and used over the years that have meant a lot to me and my team, and how they work in social media today. I'm sharing them with you so you can use on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, wherever your prospects are!   [...]

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How Sales Tactics Have Changed Over the Years

So much has changed in the world of sales, and yet a lot of the fundamentals remain the same. For example, 'word of mouth' is still the primary way people hear and learn about other businesses. It just happens on a much larger scale thanks to the web and social media. Customer testimonials were, and [...]

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