What A Millennial Wants From Social Media

By now, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz around the term “Millennial”. Suddenly, everyone began to try to understand what this “new generation” was thinking and what they ultimately wanted. As a Millennial, I have always struggled to understand what made us so mysterious to other generations. After all, it seems to me that [...]

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Big change to Instagram that will impact businesses

The eBoot Camp team is celebrating a techie victory today as news broke that Instagram will now allow agencies to manage multiple Instagram accounts. Until now, it's been a real challenge for us to consistently update our clients Instagram accounts because of this issue. This change will allow us to do more posting on one [...]

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Google+: The Next Generation of Social Networking

What is Google+?  Simply put, it’s Google’s answer to facebook and has quickly become the hottest new social network.  In just three weeks, Google+ has accumulated more than 10 million users and over 1 billion bits of content are shared daily via this new kid on the virtual block.  While Google+ is most popular among [...]

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Why Having a Blog May be the Most Important Investment Your Company Can Make

As a business professional, have you ever really stopped to think about the massive audience you have at your fingertips via the world wide web? The web is the status quo for how information is found today. If your child gets sick, is your first trip to the doctor's office or to your computer? I'm [...]

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Social Media and the Restaurant Industry

Many of my clients are restaurant owners.  Restaurant owners are a unique group of professionals, many of whom are hesitant to enter the social media space.  However, along with being a restaurant owner comes a whole new set of social media challenges.  Tripadvisor.com recently reported that an estimated 87% of travelers look to the web [...]

4 Important Branding Trends From Mashable Connect 2011

I can scarcely remember a time in my professional life when I was as excited about an email as when I received the invitation to Mashable Connect 2011. This invitation-only event brought together 300 of some of the most influential digital leaders across a wide range of industries including marketing, consumer electronics, entertainment and more. This [...]

Cali: Great place to visit!

Sometimes being sick has its advantages. I've cancelled all my appointments today and found time to write a blog post. I hope you'll humor me as I reflect on the craziest week in my professional career. It was my Southern Los Angeles eBoot Camp tour that spanned five days and included four social media workshops [...]

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Checking work email over the holiday weekend? Will you disconnect or stay plugged in?

With Thanksgiving just days away, many of us have a holiday off work to look forward to this week. The question remains – will you disconnect from work completely? Mashable.com wondered will you check your email over the holiday weekend? A valid question as it turns out. More than half of us check our work [...]

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TBD Enterprises credits part of success to ‘eBoot Camp’ book

When you write a book, besides hoping you sell a lot of copies of said back, the biggest thing you hope for is that people will actually take what you’ve written, apply it in the real world and find success with it. Well, we’re pleased to announce that Bernie Ritchey and Tom Washburn did just [...]

Top 10 favorite business books

Communique PR, a Seattle-based public relations and strategic communications firm serving national and global clients, recently published their top 10 list of favorite business books. “eBoot Camp” is on the list, and we appreciate it, but thought the others were great as well, so we wanted to highlight them here. They are: “Delivering Happiness” by [...]

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